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About QACi


QACi is not your typical shopping service. 


Restaurant dining room and bar shopping is all we do. QACi has been providing great shopping reports for grateful hospitality businesses since founded in 1990 by a corporate restaurant General Manager from two large national companies.


QACi lets you see what you would experience as a guest in your own business, if no one knew who you were. We specifically look for things you look for and things that you train your staff to do.


Employees who smile and greet guests before guests greet them. Acknowledgements at the first possible time. Consolidation of moves in the wait section. Suggestive selling wherever possible (and we do role plays to test it). Cleanliness in anything we can see or touch. Using free time to the best advantage. Teamwork.


QACi provides an objective, detailed review of the server and their service style at the shopper table and at other tables. Subjective opinion is clearly labeled and constitutes a small part of the report. The focus is on the facility, the employees, their work, and the impact it has on your customers. 


QACi has been a proud member of the Massachusetts Restaurant Association since 1990.




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