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Bar Spotting

See a Sample Bar Spotting Report **

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While your wait staff have to enter food and drinks into the register system to get them, your bartenders have direct access to both the liquor product and the cash register with no controls. The result is that they have a greater opportunity to abuse the system. 


Will your bartenders enter cash sales for drinks served to guests who have no view of the register or pole display?


Do they properly update regular guests' checks after each service and keep check copies in front of the guest? We can track every sale to every guest at the bar for 90 minutes.


Will they pour the same size drink for all guests? 


Do all cash handling transactions look alike? When they do not, there is often a reason.


Will they do anything to personalize the service and try to turn a new guest into a regular? 


QACi Bar Spotting completely details:


  • Cash Handling and Register Steps 

  • Steps of Service 

  • Pouring Consistency 

  • ID/ Liquor Liability Issues 

  • Suggestive Sales 

  • Speed of Service 

  • Presentation Consistency 

  • Attitude 

  • Cleanliness and Organization 

  • Board of Health Issues 

  • Teamwork 

  • Management Presence 


In many restaurants, the best waiters and waitresses are promoted to the bar from the wait staff because of their outstanding service performance. We will use various role plays to determine if their overall service is still at a high standard.


The results will give you a very clear picture of their service, cash handling, and register steps as well as reveal if they use their free time to clean, to chat with guests, or just chat with each other. 


See a Sample Bar Spotting Report**

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