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Peter Christie
Restaurant & Nonprofit Consultant

I've known Jay professionally for almost 20 years as he has always been an active member of the MRA of which I was CEO. He owns one of the best shopping and spotting businesses in the restaurant industry. I have recommended his services many, many times as I thoroughly believe that others see what you might miss on a day to day basis.  He has never let me down. He is as good as they get at this and there are not too many tricks that he doesn't know.

Aside from these skills, Jay always gives of himself. He has volunteered many times throughout the years I have known him.  Any organization is better off for having his involvement.

I highly recommend QACi and Jay Anas!


Marc Kadish

Real Estate & Restaurant Development 
James and his associates at Qaci have been spotting , shopping and reporting on my related businesses for ten years. Qaci is a resource and a secret weapon to prosper and stay in business . Misappropriation, stupidity, attitudes and overall quality from service to cleanliness must be managed to survive in any business and as an owner, typically, I would be the last one to really know what my guests were experiencing. James is professional, has great communication, follow thru, dependability and knowledge of the business. His sharp eye and understanding of different aspects of what goes on will be a tool you can trust that will keep your operation on top. You need and want him on your team as a solution and deterrent to prevent losses of all kinds. I am happy to elaborate anytime if you have questions. 

Tom McEvoy

Vice President of Operations at The Briad Restaurant Group

James has done an outstanding job for the TGI Friday's brand throughout the years. He has done many shops and has identified many bartenders that are not doing the right thing. He has been a great partner and asset and is extremely knowledgeable about his profession.


Alan Dempsey

Chief Operating Officer at Luke's Lobster; former VP Operations, Legal Sea Foods

James' work for us has always been superior in its scope and timeliness. His company has always been very responsive to all of our needs. He has created a web based reporting system that fully integrates into our intranet. This has given his work a very high level of transparency across our organization, which has aided in utilizing his services more effectively.


David Troutman

Fun time specialist

Mr Anas knows his business and knowing his means knowing mine. His company provided me with detailed information of my operation as viewed from the general publics eye. He was able to supply me with a perspective I could not gain on my own. His reports were filled with detail and nuance that were priceless.


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